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Sight-Singing with Mike

MCS Chorus is excited to launch the video series ‘Sight-Singing with Mike’ which covers the topics of Rhythm, Intervals and Sight Singing from the very basic level, progressing into the intermediate curriculum.

Remote ‘Choir School’ participants will enjoy a much improved learning experience through these videos; additionally, the material covered provides a useful review for in-person participants.

The videos reference ‘The Sight-Singer Volume II’, by Audrey Snyder, and ‘Basic Rhythmic Training’, by Robert Starer. If you do not have a copy of either book, email

NOTE: The ‘Sight-Singing with Mike’ series of videos are protected under copyright and are the sole intellectual property of the instructor Michael Dodge, sponsored by MCS Chorus/Mississauga, Toronto Beach Chorale and PCS Singers/Brampton. Unauthorized use or distribution is prohibited.

Here is what you need to access the videos:

URL: Sight-Singing with Mike

Password: SSing2020